Stories to Educate: A Christmas Carol, Wuthering Heights, 1984 Big Brother, Animal Farm, Christmas Storytelling

It is the most beautiful time of the year for Storytelling, you will find lots of Stories at Study Coach UK on Youtube. You can sit back, kick back, relax and listen to lots of videos/audiobooks. Study Coach UK brings you stories to educate and entertain listeners.  If you find it difficult to have sufficient spare time to read because you have a busy schedule then take the videos with you on your device. If you can no longer read as you used to because of ill-health then allow Study Coach UK to do the reading for you. Relax in your favourite chair or in bed and listen to Stories; you will find a range of Stories on Study Coach UK on Youtube. New Stories are continuously being added for your entertainment and to help educate. During the holidays, Christmas season, you can also select Stories such as Animal Farm and A Christmas Carol to entertain and educate young listeners. 

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A Christmas Carol

Dickens Christmas Carol is a great story, a sad story, a ghostly story, reminding us about the true meaning of Christmas. It is educational in view of English social history and culture. The story of a Christmas Carol narrated by Morel Benard should hopefully prove helpful to listeners who have English as a second language (ESOL learners).  Or for ESOL learners who are preparing to take an English Speaking and Listening test. 

1984 Big Brother New World Order Audio Books 

The story of 1984 is a brilliant work of fiction, it is such a powerful story that it can leave readers and listeners wondering if the writer had a premonition about the future.  I like to refer to the story as 1984, Big Brother new World Order. I understand that the idea of a New World Order is considered to be conspiracy theory, but when we analyse facts of today it is difficult to separate fiction from fact. Books on the topic of the future can be enlightening and thought provoking. The story of 1984 Big Brother, New World Order was once deemed to be too controversial, too political, when it was first published; listen to the story and carry out your own appraisal of whether the story is still controversial at this present point in time. 

English literature

The book 1984 is set in London, England, it is a great way to learn about aspects of England and to learn English through stories. Other stories such as Love Story (Love Amongst the Haystacks),  Wuthering Heights, Animal Farm and other stories are also located in England.  Study Coach is celebrating the work of British authors. 

Authors Community

Writers from across the globe are welcomed to communicate with Study Coach in order to raise awareness about their stories. 

Story: Nirvana, Knowledge, Meditation, Wisdom 

The story of Nirvana, Knowledge, Wisdom, is an Indian tale. The story in audio books is a great way to learn about an aspect of Indian culture, and to learn English through stories; it is narrated in English. The narrated story is a great bedtime sleep story following the journey of Siddhartha.  

Scary Stories: Dracula Audio Books 

If you’re not in the mood to sleep you could listen to the story of Dracula, but take care not to get too scared and later have sleepless nights. A book title can be powerful and ‘Dracula’ is certainly a powerful title; it conjures up evil powers, horror, and dark happenings taking place in the middle of the night, or specifically at midnight. The story of Dracula is not for the weak hearted, so be prepared to have a fright courtesy of Count Dracula. 

Romantic Novel: Lady Chatterly’s Lover 

The story of Lady Chatterly’s Lover is now at an end but all 50 videos are waiting for you to view and listen. A good romantic story, as in the case of Lady Chatterly’s Lover provides reasons why readers love to read or to listen to romance books. There are some great romance writers of the past such as Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, D. H. Lawrence (the author of Lady Chatterly’s Lover) and today we have names such as Nora Roberts, Lauren Landish, Lorraine Heath, Pippa Grant, Madison Faye amongst others. Lady Chatterly’s Lover audio books is a great sleep story, add the audio books to your bedtime stories for listening..  

Wuthering Heights Audio Story, Love Triangle:

It is a romantic story, but it is also dark, lurking of evil. Situated on the Yorkshire moors in England, it is the story of two landed gentry families and the love triangle of a young woman and two men, plus there are other underlying issues within the story. 

Audio Books

The story of 1984 is presented in episodes of audio books, each audiobook builds on the story, do add the audio books to your list of audiobook listening. All stories are presented in episodes, taking into consideration our listening concentration span.

Listen to  to learn more about Stories by Study Coach UK. Stories are narrated by Morel Benard. 

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