Storytelling: Moral Stories for Kids with Morel

Stories for Kids with Morel presents moral stories, short stories, bedtime stories. Morel Benard is an educator and a storyteller. Stories for Kids with Morel presents stories to entertain and to educate. You will find Stories for Kids with Morel on podcast, you will also find Morel narrating stories on YouTube. 

Moral Stories with Morel

If you do experience difficulties finding Stories for Kids with Morel on Youtube, please note that the spelling of the name is ‘Morel’ with an ‘e’ it isn’t moral. Stories to educate children on morals are however presented.  

Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast

The audio stories are available on Youtube and Podcast, parents can access the podcast on behalf of young children, and parents can do so whenever it is convenient for the family. Stories for Kids with Morel podcast is available on most major podcast platforms.  Here is a link for Buzzsprout:

Podcasting Stories for Kids 

Stories for Kids with Morel is a growing podcast, the podcast will grow in the weeks and months ahead. You will find stories such as Simba the Lion and the Crafty Hare. Dear Simba has inherited a tree with an abundance of honey, but someone else is after the honey. Will the crafty Hare outsmart Simba and steal the honey? Listen to find out. 

Moral Story

Stories for Kids with Morel presents the moral story about Fifine and her cat. Fifine is a lovely girl but she also has a bad temper and will lash out against her older sister and her cat. On this occasion Fifine has taken things too far and will regret her actions, but there is a kind and caring neighbour to help Fifine recognise that some actions are simply not good. Listen to the moral tale of Fifine and her Cat.  

Morel Benard and Moral Stories for Kids

The stories presented are useful for home education and for homeschooling. The moral stories can certainly help to instil morals, and to encourage children to reflect on their actions, through reflection we can change behaviours. Stories for Kids with Morel stories are relatively short, the duration of the stories should help young listeners to concentrate and enjoy the stories. Parents and Carers will also find some longer stories for older children. 


Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast aims to encourage children to engage with reading, and to help children develop listening skills, and creative storytelling skills. Children learning English can also benefit from listening to the stories. Adults with English as a Second Language will also find the podcast to be a useful resource for extending language skills. Stories for Kids with Morel podcast is accessible worldwide, all you need is a streaming service to download the free podcast. 

AudioBooks Storytelling with Morel

Stories for Kids with Morel podcast, is Free, please subscribe to the podcast and please share, so that other children locally and globally can enjoy the stories. All you need is an internet connection, and a multimedia player and you will have access to the podcast, you could refer to the stories as audiobooks. If children find understanding the stories to be challenging or children encounter other difficulties, remember that you can pause the stories and re-listen, working at the child’s own pace, particularly if you are Homeschooling.

Education, Study Coach, Storytelling

Morel is an educator and she is responsible for Study Coach (a private education provider). Study Coach is online, and so in order to aid children Morel will in due course provide written learning tasks mapped to stories to help parents with home education. The learning tasks will be placed on Study Coach’s website. More information will be given as we progress. The world of audio is great because through listening, it can simulate a child’s imagination and creativity. Listening to stories can also help young people with communication skills and with social interactions. Stories can provide young people with topics for discussion, the whole family could join in a story discussion. 

Stories for Kids with Morel rss feed

Here is the rss identification for the podcast. Do check with your preferred streaming service for the podcast, and please Subscribe and Share (it is Free).

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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