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Stories for Kids with Morel, Youtube channel is a great way to entertain children. Parents will find lots of stories on the ‘Stories for Kids with Morel’ channel, and new stories are uploaded on a regular basis. Story time is usually a favourite time of day for children attending school, Homeschooling parents can make use of Stories for Kids with Morel in their homeschool curriculum. Books and books and more books can help to keep children occupied for hours.

Storyteller: Morel Benard

You can find Storyteller Morel on the following Youtube link: 



A shorter link will be obtained as the channel grows, please Subscribe to the channel on behalf of children. Storytelling over the decades have left us a wealth of literature to feast upon and Morel (the voice/storyteller) is making the most of available literature, to entertain children on Youtube. New material will also be incorporated in due course. 

Stories for Children

Many moons ago children would read and read, nowadays children will see and see images flashing across a screen. It is great to embrace technological devices but it is also important for children to read. Stories for Kids with Morel, aims to encourage children to engage with the written word, and to help children develop listening skills. Early story writers wrote in verse, so that stories could be remembered and handed down, it also made it easier for children of a community to remember the stories. Today parents and carers can assist and supervise children with technology devices, so that children can listen to storytelling here on Stories for Kids with Morel channel on Youtube. 

Audio Books for Children

The world of audio is great because it clearly requires the use of listening skills, and will therefore help to increase and fine-tune children’s active listening skills. Listening to stories with children could help children with overall communication skills and with social interactions. The stories could help parents to facilitate a discussion with their young family members. You will find stories such as the Elephant’s Child, MouseLand and other stories, such as the Cheeky Monkey. 

Story: The Cheeky Monkey

The Cheeky Monkey outsmarting Mr Shark is an amusing tale, in this story kids will also meet other characters including a Lion. 

Story: Timid Little Rabbit 

The little rabbit was taking a nap under a coconut tree, when he heard a very loud noise, the little timid rabbit is convinced that the loud noise is a signal that the world is falling in, and so the rabbit is on the run, and on the way he manages to convince other animals that the world is falling in, eventually he meets with the King of the jungle and he is taken back to the coconut tree to investigate. Listen to the story of the Timid Little Rabbit to find out what happened. 

YouTube: Stories for Kids with Morel: 

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