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Study Coach Storytelling celebrating Writers, Authors, Storytellers. There are lots of books in video/audio format at Study Coach UK on Youtube, and new books are continuously being added to the Playlist for listeners’ entertainment. Stories to uplift your mood, provide information, thrill you, offer a new perspective and insight into life issues are available. Each video (episode) is approximately 20 minutes long to help keep viewers engaged, you will find previous episodes of stories in the playlist, so you can enjoy back-to-back listening.

StoryTime/Storytelling at Study Coach UK

Life stories, romantic tales, detective plots, short stories and long stories are all narrated on the Study Coach UK YouTube channel page. If you missed an episode, you will find it in the playlist. Here is a youtube link to the Study Coach UK channel:

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Study Coach UK is aiming to grow its channel, your subscription would be appreciated. Please Subscribe, there is no money involved, it is all Free, and therefore everyone can access the channel. See the link above for Study Coach UK storytelling, please also Share the videos. Thank You. 

The Voice: Storyteller Morel Benard 

Storytellers over decades have left us a wealth of literature to feast upon and Morel Benard (the Voice at Study Coach) is grateful for the legacy. We all love a story and are likely to have favourite narratives, often people will take delight in gathering an audience in order to repeat a favourite story. Early story  writers wrote in verse, so that stories could be remembered and handed down, it also made it easier for young members of a community to remember the stories. Today writers will produce great volumes of work, in paperback, hardback and on applications such as Kindle. It is now convenient for us to travel with a tablet to read a story or listen to a story via phone. You can of course access Study Coach UK storytelling via tablet, and other devices. 

IELTS – English Language Test  

If working towards taking the IELTS (English Language Test) listening to audio stories could help with listening skills. To help prepare for the IELTS you could take notes in respect of vocabulary and add the new words during social interactions, furthermore you could pay attention to articulation skills. Listening to audiobooks is but one way to help prepare for IELTS, you could also listen to English radio stations, television programmes and podcasts to become more engaged with English language. Narrator/Storyteller Morel Benard also has a Study Coach podcast. The Study Coach podcast is available on most major podcast platforms, including Apple and Google.   

Free Online Library of Stories for Homeschool 

Storytelling and StoryTime is a great way to bring some entertainment into a Homeschool curriculum and lesson plan. Young children derive great pleasure from listening to stories, storytelling is educational. Do however take care to select the right story, once you have selected an appropriate story for your learners, you can create some learning tasks for learners based on the selected story. For example, learners could design a poster to advertise a book or learners could write a summary of the story (200 words). Design learning tasks with the learner in mind, in other words do ensure that tasks are age appropriate. Storytelling is a great way to entertain learners. The target audience for Study Coach storytelling videos are adults, but parents can select suitable episodes of stories for Home Schooling purposes, simply listen to episodes and make a choice. 

AudioBooks Online, Study Coach UK on Youtube

There is no subscription fee to enjoy the stories at Study Coach UK on Youtube, everything is Free, all you need is an internet connection, and you will have access to the books. If you find reading challenging or know of someone who has difficulties reading, then let Study Coach UK do the reading for the group or individual. Do remember that listeners can pause the video and resume when convenient, and you can re-listen to the videos to aid understanding whenever you choose. They say that sharing is caring, so please share the videos with others and promote storytelling.

Best Fiction Books

Romance is in the air on Study Coach UK, you will find Love in the Haystacks in the Playlist, there is rivalry, jealousy, but also brotherly love, as two brothers eventually find their own love interest. There is the complete work of Lady Chatterly’s Lover in Study Coach UK Playlist on Youtube. Lady Chatterly’s Lover is a raunchy story, the work was once banned, deemed to be too scandalous at the time of its first publication, the story is set in the north of England and it considers issues such as social class, politics, social life.  

Science-Fiction Books

In Read my Mind, the scientist Griffin continues to process ideas, make decisions, analyse information, though he no longer has a body, but he has a super working mind. Read my Mind is a science fiction thought provoking book, the story demonstrates the Power of Mind. The central character is given a mechanical voice (AI), he has no body, but he has emotions. 

Agatha Christie – Detective Hercule Poirot 

In Mysterious Styles by Agatha Christie, The brilliant Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is on the scene in an Essex village, just outside of London in England. In Mysterious Styles by Agatha Christie, Poirot is on hand to solve the murder case. Is the murderer the young husband or is the young husband an innocent party? It is fair to say that Detective Poirot has become quite a legend, equally as famous as the author Christie, the book is a good read. 

Study Coach Storytelling on YouTube

Study Coach is certainly making the most of Youtube audio facilities. The use of audio means that we can attend to other tasks as we enjoy stories, for example, listen to a Study Coach UK story as you take a walk, go for a drive, go to the gym, carry out tasks at home, or simply listen when relaxing. Storytelling can also benefit adults when recovering in hospital or when at home. Senior citizens residing in a care home or at home can also derive enjoyment from listening to Study Coach UK storytelling.

Share Storytelling AudioBooks  

Please feel free to share Study Coach’s videos with others, whether they are in your locality or abroad. The stories can provide great opportunities for a discussion, and to enable people to become creative, plus enhancing listening and learning skills and providing entertainment. 

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