Stress Education via Storytelling: Alarm to Exhaustion Stage with Study Coach

Storytelling is a great way to bring entertainment into adult Education, and Study Coach presents Education via Storytelling. The first episode of Stress is available on Study Coach’s Youtube channel, you will soon find the educational stories on Study Coach Podcast. StoryTime is not only for children, adults too can derive entertainment from listening to stories, and when stories are crafted to provide education, then it is a double whammy for adults. Education and Entertainment rolled into one to provide a quality learning experience for people.  Adults can apply the learning in their workplace or in social life. The objective of presenting Education via Storytelling is to help employees, employers, entrepreneurs, with their learning (professional development). Study Coach’s education storytelling is freely available to download whenever it is convenient for listeners. The first topic is Stress. 

Stress is all around us, whether studying, employed or running a business, at some point stress will impact on our lives. Study Coach education via storytelling is here to help people understand stress. Through storytelling Morel Benard at Study Coach simplifies the physiological and psychological terms of stress to make learning easier, so that lifelong learners, non-students, employees, will be able to benefit from the information provided. Morel Benard is an educator, writer, storyteller. 

Physiology/Psychology and Stress

Though stripping away physiological terms, listeners should still understand that biological terms are linked to stress, as a matter of fact stress is a combination of two academic subjects: namely, physiology and psychology. 

Eustress (Good Stress) 

Furthermore, I’m sure that you must have heard that not all Stress is bad, there is good Stress, Yes good Stress, otherwise known as Eustress. The kind of Stress that can propel you to greatness, enable you to climb mountains, break the world record for the 100 meters, 400 meters race and other high adrenalin pursuits (that is good stress).

Stress Terms 

Here are some Key words for Stress, the words are: 


Stress Responses




The understanding is that stress is how the INDIVIDUAL, PERCEIVES an EVENT or ENVIRONMENT – If the PERCEPTION is NEGATIVE then it could develop into STRESS

The Event/The Stressor

A too hot or too cold environment could become a stressor. It is good to be aware about potential stressors that could impact on you at an individual level

Study Coach on Youtube

In the first story titled ‘What is Stress? Health & Wellness’ on YouTube, the first stage of Stress is presented. This is the story of a young migrant name Huda, he is taking  a lot of risks in life, teaming up with smugglers in an attempt to cross the English Channel. The first stage of Stress known as ‘Alarm Stage’ is applied in the story. The concept of the ‘Alarm Stage’ is the work of Hans Selye (1956). 

The event of the crossing does not go according to plan, you will find out what happens in the second video, where the focus is on the second and third stage of Stress (Resistance and Exhaustion stage). 

The learning of the first stage of stress and subsequent stages, is not just relevant to events such as risk taking, but it is applicable to all potential stress events.

Perception and Stress 

Perception is a key word associated with Stress and in Alex the salesman’s story, you will learn how faulty Perception can cause stress responses. Alex’s story is coming soon and the story will also introduce the workings of the Mind. 

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