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Study Coach educational podcast for College/University students and Lifelong Learners is freely available via Apple, Buzzsprout, Spotify and other platforms. Come listen and take part in learning, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, be it at a USA Community College or University, University of the West Indies, Southbank University in London, University of Alberta in Canada, University of Delhi in India, all students are welcome to join Study Coach podcast community. Furthermore, Study Coach is all about Lifelong Learning, once out of school learning does not stop, we need to engage with people in the workplace, learn new ideas, apply interpersonal skills. Study Coach podcast offers information and knowledge to help you gain understanding and solve problems.  

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Online Courses/Distance Learning

If you are studying via an online course or studying for a distance learning degree, do feel free to join Study Coach community, you are welcome to send in questions in respect of academic requirements and research methodology and we will answer questions in podcasts. Study Coach podcasts includes a study tip section to aid students and lifelong learners.  

Educational Podcasts

Weekly shows will run for 30 minutes and will explain conceptual ideas, supported with psychological knowledge, Study Coach podcasts makes use of lyrics, examples, stories to convey understanding and aid learning. Education is a serious business but it should also be fun, Study Coach Podcast aims to educate lifelong learners/students to understand human behaviour and to facilitate critical thinking skills and at the same time to entertain listeners. Topics such as how to research; communicate effectively; how to motivate self and other related topics will be discussed in the months ahead.  For example interviewing, motivation: 


Interviewers might want to hear how you would deal with conflict. The aim is to show that you can de-escalate a situation and not make the situation worse. Study Coach would suggest that you could say that taking people away from the area of conflict and sitting them down elsewhere, to allow them to explain what led to the problem would be your chosen strategy. Furthermore, you could give your interviewer confidence and let them know that you are aware of when it is best to escalate the matter to a senior member of staff. 


Motivation is key to achieving success for studies and work. The philosopher Hobbes maintains that all behaviour is determined by the seeking of pleasure and the avoidance of pain, we are motivated because we seek pleasure and want to avoid pain. The thought of hard work might be perceived as painful, therefore creating a lack of motivation. 

Another way to explain Motivation is that it is connected to:

  • pushes and
  • prods     

These pushes and prods can be biological, or social (and psychological) and they help us to defeat our laziness and move us (in other words pushes and prods energise us) to either act eagerly or reluctantly, to take action)

Biological – refers to the process being innate – INTRINSIC MOTIVATION

Social – refers to the process being external – EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION

  • Psychologists tell us that the most powerful motivators are internal (biological motivation/Intrinsic Motivation) 

Listen to Study Coach episode 2 podcast to learn about Motivation

While doing your 9 – 5 or studying at University or at placement, you need to keep in sight and keep in your mind your long-term career goals, hold on tight to your passion, to keep motivation going and don’t let go.   

Podcasts free to download:

Podcasts are easily accessible for listening and you can do so at your leisure and of course they are free to download. You can listen when you are in the gym, taking a walk or when doing chores. Your host Morel Benard will talk about interpersonal relationships, critical thinking and broader life topics for you to gain new perspectives, to help inform your studies, work projects and to help you in real life situations.  Morel is a vibrant storyteller and a knowledgeable educator.  

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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