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Study Coach Podcast is an educational podcast making use of Storytelling to deliver teachings to workers, and people doing business. Entrepreneurs, employees, and staff responsible for training can benefit from downloading the podcast. You will find topics and issues surrounding Social Psychology in the podcast archive. Education through podcasting storytelling is freely available and waiting for you to download at your convenience. In the Study Coach Podcast archive you will find a number of shows on the topic of Stress. In the weeks and months ahead, a range of psychological topics will be discussed, and the hope is that listeners will apply the knowledge in their work and business life. 

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Presentation Skills/Public Speaking

The latest uploaded Study Coach Podcast show at this point in writing is focused on the topic of Public Speaking/Presentation Skills. For many of us Public Speaking can cause us anxiety, presenting a work Presentation to colleagues and managers can result in raising stress levels. Previous shows provided knowledge on stressors and stress responses, so we decided to make links to Presentation Skills and Public Speaking. Public Speaking and giving a Presentation can be fun, so we hope that you will find tips in the recent show to be useful and applicable at your workplace. 

Study Coach Education

Imparting knowledge, providing an educational service can be delivered in many ways, and Study Coach has chosen to use podcasting to provide knowledge. Study Coach educational podcast hopes to attract people with an interest in understanding human behaviour, in order to apply the knowledge at work and in social life. Issues surrounding whether people are allowed to show-up to work as their authentic self, or whether people feel pressured to conform to social norms, can be found in Study Coach’s archive. The Conformity concepts discussed in the podcast should prove useful to undergraduate students writing an essay on the topic. Study Coach podcasts aims to provide listeners with information, psychological knowledge and provide encouragement to raise critical thinking skills and reflective practice skills. 

Study Coach Podcast & Storytelling 

Study Coach Podcast sets out to educate and entertain. Storytelling is used to engage listeners and to bring the topic and issues alive, so that listeners can make links between theory and practice. A deeper understanding about a range of human behaviours, can help us to negotiate work relationships, and help in the development of skills. 

Public Speaking Skills 

Public Speaking to deliver a speech or to deliver a Presentation can cause us great anxiety. The good news is that these skills can be acquired, through education (teaching) and learning. In a recent podcast the topic of Public Speaking and Presentation skills are discussed, and guidance given to aid listeners. Future podcasts will focus on soft skills, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and understanding people in reference to various learning and work settings. Do join Study Coach Podcast, download the shows from your preferred streaming service.

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