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Study Coach Educational Consultant and Online Supply Store is supporting youths with their Career development, we are delighted to introduce into the marketplace a range of trainee career T-shirts for youths. The t-shirts are available from The educational t-shirt products are designed to inspire youths to think about future careers, become a trainee while at school.

Luton Bedfordshire & Study Coach 

We work online and are based in Luton Bedfordshire but we cater for youths nationally and globally. Our mission is to raise awareness about careers, to inspire young people at school to start reflecting about their personal qualities, interests and develop an enquiring mind about future careers. Our trainees will start to discover possibilities and explore both academic and vocational careers, making links between school curriculum subjects and relevance to work.  

T-Shirt for Girls & Boys
Youth Trainee Doctor T-Shirt to Inspire Career Choices

Gifts for Boys & Girls

Trainee Career T-Shirts can make a super holiday or birthday gift but you don’t need a formal occasion to gift a child a t-shirt. Study Coach Trainee Career T-Shirt could make a difference to a young person’s life, it says that someone else believe in the young person’s hopes and dreams and is encouraging them to work hard and smart to make the dream a reality. They may want to consider life as a future Nurse or Lawyer or Motor Mechanic, we have a range of t-shirts to choose from. We aim to facilitate young people to look at possibilities and to grow in confidence.

Careers T-Shirt for Boys & Girls Amazon - Study Coach
T-Shirts to inspire youths about future careers

Youth T-Shirts – Learning Support

Learning support can come in a range of form and the T-shirts are certainly a form of learning support, since they will facilitate young people to learn about job roles, expectations and professional skills. Having an awareness of a potentially suitable career will encourage young people to research careers  and develop independent career guidance skills. 

From our experience working in Secondary and Further Education, many learners lack knowledge about career options. Study Coach would like to give young people a head start by raising awareness at an early age about the world of work and how to plan to realise potential.

Careers Guidance 

Career guidance is available within most schools but there is room for improvement, the topic is usually sidelined until students approach GCSE’s. Knowledge as they say is power and so empowering youths outside of the classroom to consider career options is to be welcomed. 

Youth Trainee Hairdresser T-Shirt

We believe that all careers have value and that a young person should be able to feel equally proud to aspire to become a Motor Mechanic or a Medical Surgeon, Scientist of Hairdresser – it matters not whether the profession is academic or vocational, the t-shirt should be worn with pride. Study Coach aim to motivate learners to be the best they can be and to inspire learners to achieve. 

Trainee T-Shirts Supporting Parents 

We believe that making links between school subjects and potential careers should take place at a much earlier stage in development, this will still allow young people time to enjoy being a fairy princess, dragon-slayer or fire-fighter and go on to develop an enquiring mind to start considering other career options. They may indeed go on to become the fire-fighter after exploring options. Study Coach T-shirts are designed to support families supporting their young ones. 

Study Coach T-Shirt Collection – Amazon

We have a range of career t-shirts that youths (boys and girls) should find of interest. We would like to encourage parents, families and friends to gift a t-shirt to inspire a youth, this could further help to build a child’s self-esteem, it could help a child to feel worthy about their potential to succeed. The range of t-shirts includes: Youth Trainee Doctor T-Shirt, Trainee Entrepreneur T-Shirt. Please visit youth t-shirt study coach and take a look.


Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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