Summer Holiday ideas for Students

It’s time to close your books and have a holiday. Morel Benard at Study-Coach-UK would like to encourage you to be adventurous, try new things, don’t be bashful, use the summer to grow in confidence. Where can students go for a well deserved vacation? Well, I think today’s students are spoilt for choice:

You will find them on the beach

You will find them in the town

On the mountain and down hills 

In rain forests and arid places

In quiet taverns and racy nightclubs

In Mykonos and Anguilla 

You will find students on a Summer break

Students enjoying Summer 



The summer vacation is the ideal time to have that party, reconnect with family and friends, and let the music take control. Relax, catch-up on your sleep, and enjoy yourselves; but without being a spoilt sport, do also remember not to inconvenient others when you’re having fun. 



If you are going abroad remember to give respect to cultural differences. Search for cheap deals and get the most for your money. Study-Coach-UK would like to encourage you to travel abroad if you are able to; travelling is a great way to widen your knowledge and experience a different way of life. Sharing another culture even for just a few weeks could result in great learning for you. I appreciate that you are on holiday but learning is all around us and it is good to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. 



Let’s say for example that you decide to head to the Caribbean Island of Anguilla, you could take the opportunity to learn a few Creole words. Standard English is spoken in Anguilla but if someone in your resort speak Creole, then why not take advantage and learn a few words. Try some new foods, Anguilla is known for its mixture of Caribbean, African, Spanish, French and English cuisine. Seafood of prawns, crab, lobster, red snapper fish are popular. You could also try local stews and goat meat (if you are a meat eater). You can enjoy lazy days relaxing on the beach or be more adventurous and go snorkelling and visit coral reefs. 


Should you decide to visit Anguilla then be informed that you will need to fly to St. Marten or Antigua and take a connecting flight to Anguilla, or you can take a boat ride from St. Marten (spoilt for choice). You can make enquiries about holidays to Anguilla, visit  



If you fancy a European destination you could consider Greece, located in Southeast Europe. You could visit Athens (the capital) or visit Mount Olympus or if your prefer to go partying, then choose to stay in Mykonos. Greece is known for its long coastline and features a large number of islands, there are UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece, so there is lots to see, learn and enjoy.

You will be spoilt for fresh foods, enjoy Greek delicacies. Learn more about what Greece has to offer by visiting

If you’re jetting abroad and need a new travel bag, one that fits cabin size specification, you might want to take a look at the following link:


Study-Coach-UK does not have any personal allegiance to either Anguilla or Greece, Study Coach is in the business of education, providing academic support to students. We write blogs about careers advice, jobs and motivation, informing students about life and related educational matters, we like to entertain and educate and will feature other holiday destinations at another point in time. 



If you are staying at home and you live in the city, try to visit a rural part of the country, and if you live in a rural area, try to experience city life. If an opportunity to go kayaking or horse riding presents itself, be adventurous and try the sport, remember to be safe. 



If unfortunately you are submitting assignments during the summer months, don’t forget that Study-Coach is here to provide Academic Support, we provide help/support with essays and dissertation. You will draft your work and Morel Benard will support you to raise your grades, do get in touch 07944 849271

Enjoy the summer, have a wonderful holiday, but don’t fall foul of the law. There is a saying that the Devil finds work for idle hands; meaning that when we have nothing to do, there is a greater chance that we could be led astray. Have fun, lots of fun, but remember that you have future goals to accomplish in the next academic or vocational year.



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