Help with Essay – Storytelling

Hello, my name is Morel Benard and I am the founder of Study Coach I know that it is customary for people to ask the question “What do you do?” and I know that I’m supposed to have a short phrase to explain how I spend my time. I could reply that I am
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Recently, I spent hours watching videos in order to become more familiar with online marketing. I am trying hard to bring Study Coach to your attention. Through watching videos I have learned a great deal, though I still need to understand a great deal more, anyway I believe in lifelong learning so I will
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Career Service: Educational Psychologist

I was recently talking to a first year psychology student and he informed me that after completing a degree in Psychology, he will be pursuing a Master in Educational Psychology. Whilst I am glad to hear that the student is looking forward to the future and is excited about becoming an Educational Psychologist, I did
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What is a Grammar School? Study Coach UK

The reason for posing this question is because some newcomers to the UK might not be aware of grammar schools. Some native UK residents might also be unsure of what exactly is a grammar school, whilst others may perceive grammar schools to be elite learning establishments and therefore not to be recommended. SELECTIVE INTAKE Historically,
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How to choose the right Academic Subject for University?

How do you choose what to study? This is a very important question, particularly since you will spend the next 3 years (or more) of your life reading the subject, and spend many more years paying off the student loan. You therefore need to choose wisely.  Firstly, I believe that you should choose a subject
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What’s next after Writing Essays?

You have spent the last 3 or 4 years at University, reading, writing, delivering presentations and attending placements, thankfully it has paid off, and you are now qualified in your chosen profession.  What is the next chapter after writing so many essays and submitting the dissertation? Well, I hope that once you have enjoyed a
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Lifelong Learning at Study Coach UK

Ageing and old age should not be used as an excuse to discontinue with learning, as a matter of fact given that the retirement age has increased, and is likely to increase further and people are living longer than before, it is recommended that we should appraise our current skills and acquire new skills. Continuous
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Academic Year

Whenever we get to the end of an academic year, an old Sidney Poitier film always comes to mind, the title is ‘To Sir With Love’.  The lyrics by Black and London says that it is time for closing books, to reflect on all that you have learnt and to thank those who have taught
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It has truly been a pleasure to have had you as my psychology teacher. I do not think I would have understood half of what we learnt otherwise. THANK YOU for being so supportive and encouraging and for making Wednesday mornings unexpectedly amusing at times.

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