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From a very early age children are taught to conform, the initial teachings on conformity takes place within the home, though parents might not realise that they are delivering lessons on conformity. When children enter the school system the lessons on conformity are likely to become more intense and Little Mary or Johnny might start
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How Choosing Appropriate Toys can Help Children’s Intellectual Development

Parents should have an awareness about the stages of children’s intellectual development. There is a saying that knowledge is power and my belief is that a little bit of psychological knowledge could greatly help parents to assist children as they progress through the intellectual developmental stages.  My name is Morel Benard, I have many years
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How to Help your Baby to Grow

Mummy, Daddy and all Caregivers should learn to recognise signs so they can help the young child to grow. If parents and carers have an awareness of children’s key developmental stages it will help to give babies a better chance in life.  My name is Morel Benard, I have many years experience teaching the subject
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Lessons: Social Games

At a very early age, we start to learn the game We start to learn to hide the truth And how to bend the rules We start to learn how to manipulate And how to deceive We start to learn life’s social games And we think Mommy has no clue We play games, often we
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Career Service: Educational Psychologist

I was recently talking to a first year psychology student and he informed me that after completing a degree in Psychology, he will be pursuing a Master in Educational Psychology. Whilst I am glad to hear that the student is looking forward to the future and is excited about becoming an Educational Psychologist, I did
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Psychoanalysis Revision Notes Ask Study Coach Questions and Answers

Study Coach is here to help students with revising, we suggest that you make a revision timetable and identify a revision strategy that suits your needs. The aim is to give yourself sufficient preparation time, so you don’t start cramming. If studying Psychology, you might want to Ask Study Coach for some key concepts associated
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Piaget Stages of Cognitive Development – Study Coach Blog

What is Developmental Psychology? A brief answer is that it sets out to explain various aspects of human development during childhood, what is known as the developmental stages (according to theorists such as Jean Piaget). In this Blog, Study Coach takes a look at Piaget’s stages of Cognitive Development, and the development of intelligence. According
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It has truly been a pleasure to have had you as my psychology teacher. I do not think I would have understood half of what we learnt otherwise. THANK YOU for being so supportive and encouraging and for making Wednesday mornings unexpectedly amusing at times.

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