International Women’s Day | Poet: Morel Benard

March is International Women’s Month, it is a great opportunity to spotlight the achievements of women of the past. I expect that in every aspect of life a woman has contributed to world progress, I won’t attempt to consider all aspects of life, instead I will contain myself to poetry.  Morel Benard – Poet I
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Writing Poetry, Women Empowerment | Poet: Morel Benard

The study of poetry is part of the GCSE national curriculum and it allows students to tap into their creativity. Poetry is defined as a type of literature conveying thought, a poem can tell a story in a concentrated way, using lyrical arrangement of words. A poem is a form of expression, it is art,
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Educating Entrepreneurs via YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook | Study Coach UK

Online courses for budding entrepreneurs, online bootcamps such as Grant Cardone’s 10X Challenge for those wishing to establish a business are being promoted at quite a fast rate. Education therefore seems to be the rage and Study Coach have noted that many courses being promoted could benefit from making use of psychological theoretical knowledge. Negative
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Study Coach UK Writing Poems, 6 Goodnight Poems by Morel Benard

Study Coach UK is here to educate and to entertain. Education is not limited to concepts and sociological/philosophical ideas. Drama, music, dance, creative writing, film making, fine art and many other subjects are all part of education. Here at Study Coach we also encourage students to take a creative approach to their academic work, being
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Creative Writing | Study Coach UK

If your school has already closed due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, you might want to use some of your newly acquired free time to get involve with some creative writing. You could reflect on poems such as Brother or Mid-Term Break and see if you can write your own poem linked to the Corona Virus.
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School Bullying and Home Schooling | Study Coach UK

The number of children in Home Education (Home Schooling) in the UK is growing and according to data from the BBC the Isle of Wight has the highest proportion of home-educated pupils. Home schooling is an international practice, it is popular in other parts of Europe and further afield in Australasia and South Africa and
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Workplace Bullying in the News | Rutnam/Patel

I recently published the book ‘How to Stop a Workplace Bully’ because I believe that in the private and public sector many people are experiencing and suffering from bullying, but they are too fearful to speak out. In the school system children are bullied, resulting in some parents deciding to opt for home schooling. Here
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How to Stop a Workplace Bully (Dollars & Pounds)

Study Coach UK is in the business of education and entertainment. We believe that learning should be fun and we often use stories to engage people with learning. We are developing a range of books on social issues impacting on work and have recently released the first title: How to Stop a Workplace Bully. Morel
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Study Coach UK Storytelling

Study Coach UK is here to Educate (Academic) and Entertain (Storytelling). We support University/College students with Essay Writing, providing Feedback in order to help students improve draft essays and develop key academic skills. We support students with research projects/dissertation and presentations.  HELPING ADULTS TO READ Study Coach online service is now supporting adults to read,
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It has truly been a pleasure to have had you as my psychology teacher. I do not think I would have understood half of what we learnt otherwise. THANK YOU for being so supportive and encouraging and for making Wednesday mornings unexpectedly amusing at times.

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