How to Plan a Research Project/Dissertation with Questionnaire

Questionnaire is the main method of collecting data for surveys. Questionnaires can make use of two main types of questions, namely: closed questions or open questions or a combination. This Study Coach UK article should prove useful to you as a guide to doing your research project or dissertation. Furthermore, it should be useful if
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Study Coach: Back to School/College Educational Supplies & Research

A new term, new beginnings, lots of learning to be done, learners going back to school/college/university will need to buy educational supplies for the learning journey. I am sure that learners at Secondary School will have already made a visit to their Local Mall or checked online and submitted their supplies list to parents/guardians. Young
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Study Coach: What is an Abstract?

ANSWER: An Abstract is a summary of a research project or dissertation. The Abstract should outline the various issues found from undertaking the research project or dissertation. A Abstract should inform readers of the methodology used and present an overview of the findings. When writing the Abstract, you need to keep the content brief, use
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Once you have decided on an area for research, you will need to conduct a search for suitable literature to review. Planning is very important, you should therefore choose a search strategy in order to locate appropriate articles (it is not a good idea to aimlessly go in search of evidence). In order to decide
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Writing Dissertation and Research Methods – Types of Interviews

Writing a Research Dissertation Proposal, writing a research project or related assignment will require students to engage with research methods. Ask Study Coach Blog is here to provide knowledge on the subject, the hope is that it will prove useful to students and others. Study Coach Blog is populated with a number of blogs on
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