Communication Skills: Learn to Speak English with Confidence Study Tips

Study Coach presents Communication Skills Tips to help Learners Speak English with Confidence. To learn effectively Study Coach suggest that learners should be organised and plan to achieve. Questions and Learning: There are many questions and there are many ways to answer questions. A person with an extensive vocabulary and good thinking skills is likely
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Lifelong Learners Online Writing Course | Study Coach

Study Coach is here to help people re-engage with education and learning new skills, this is important since the world of work has changed. Acquiring new skills for employment, business, social life is recommended for all adults. There is a growing awareness that entrepreneurs whose business is linked to social media should increase time spent
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How Do You Define Poetry | Study Coach UK – Morel Benard

If studying GCSE Literature and Poetry Anthology, you will no doubt need to give a definition of poetry and become familiar with the names of famous poets. Edgar Allan Poe, William Wordsworth, William Shakespeare and Maya Angelou amongst many others are famous poets. Shakespeare’s use of language is old and can be difficult to understand
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Study Coach UK Writing Poems, 6 Goodnight Poems by Morel Benard

Study Coach UK is here to educate and to entertain. Education is not limited to concepts and sociological/philosophical ideas. Drama, music, dance, creative writing, film making, fine art and many other subjects are all part of education. Here at Study Coach we also encourage students to take a creative approach to their academic work, being
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Study Coach Essay Writing Service to Raise Essay Grades

A Level results in the UK is causing great stress for young students, Study Coach UK do sympathise with young learners; try not to allow stress and fear to block your study goals and future career. For mature students having left education many years ago the thought of writing essays and fear of not achieving
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Essay Writing Service | Study Coach UK

Writing essays to achieve good grades can cause students untold stress. Study Coach UK Essay Writing Service is created to help students manage the challenges of academic studies. Returning to education as a mature learner can create great pressures for Mums and Dads who are caring for a family and undertaking studies at the same
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Essay Writing Service How to Write Essays | Study Coach UK

Studying for a University or College qualification can pose a number of challenges for learners. University culture and academic requirements in respect of how to write essays to achieve good grades can cause students untold stress. For non-traditional mature learners, returning to studies can create even more challenges when trying to care for a family,
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Creative Writing | Study Coach UK

If your school has already closed due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, you might want to use some of your newly acquired free time to get involve with some creative writing. You could reflect on poems such as Brother or Mid-Term Break and see if you can write your own poem linked to the Corona Virus.
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