Study Coach, What is Motivation?

Answer: Motivation refers to the processes that are involved when we decide to initiate, direct and energise our thoughts towards a behaviour. Motivation involves the pushes and prods that we use in our everyday lives to encourage ourselves to take action, in other words to move ourselves (Miller, 1962). Some people might have no problem
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How to Plan Great YouTube Tutorials?

If you would like to start making great content for your YouTube Tutorials or for any other social media Tutorials or if you would like to write courses for your niche but don’t have teaching knowledge or experience then Study Coach can help you.  We can help you to generate content ideas for tutorials, plan
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How to have a Teaching Career

“Take three little steps so you can Teach. It’s easy as One, Two, Three, ABC or Doh Ray Me. Teacher, teach me how to teach”.  My name is Morel Benard, I am an Educator also Storyteller and Spoken Word Artist and from time-to-time I wear other hats. I like to educate and to entertain here
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It has truly been a pleasure to have had you as my psychology teacher. I do not think I would have understood half of what we learnt otherwise. THANK YOU for being so supportive and encouraging and for making Wednesday mornings unexpectedly amusing at times.

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