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People with underlying health issues such as COPD are at greater risks should they contract the Corona Virus.  What is the meaning of COPD? It is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases. COPD affects the airways making breathing difficult; a COPD is a respiratory disease (chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema). Coton et, al (2017); Gold (2017); Baghai-Ravary et, al (2008) and many others all have a research interest in COPD. In order for nursing students to write an essay, it is vital to firstly locate relevant literature on COPD and select the researches you wish to rely on. In selecting relevant literature make sure that you refer to the assessment criteria for the essay and that you are familiar with the patient’s case. This could be a patient that was presented during placement or it could be a scenario, the important point is that you need to be familiar with the facts of the case, so that you can apply the literature to the patient. Let’s say for example that the real or fictitious patient is a Mr XYZ. 


Mr XYZ is age 73, he has been a smoker since age 14, he has heart problems and Type 2 diabetes and have tested positive for Corona Virus. He has been referred to the Respiratory Specialist Nursing team and since you are a student on placement and in view of the pandemic and staff shortage you have been asked to accompany a qualified nurse in order to assess Mr XYZ’s situation. Mr XYZ lives in a flat with his wife and daughter. Mrs XYZ use to work part-time and the daughter was in full-time employment, but due to the pandemic and Mr XYZ’s diagnosis the family are now in self-isolation. Mr XYZ’s wife and daughter both have limited understanding about COPD, your essay should therefore take their lack of knowledge into account.  

Mr XYZ is experiencing acute exacerbations, meaning that his breathing is prone to suddenly get worse, quickly moving from mild to severe and life-threatening. Changes in temperature can account for acute exacerbations, so it is worthwhile noting that prolonged hot weather may be the cause of the acute exacerbations.  If Mr XYZ is experiencing a fever the Corona Virus may however be a greater contributory factor.  


When caring for patients do remember to also care for self and your work colleagues.

A little Creative Verse:

‘Caring for others at this particular time

Can pose a threat to your life

Need you to know that you’re on my mind

Care for patients but I need you to survive

Care but don’t be reckless with your life

So in caring, please keep an eye on your own life’. 

(Morel Benard)


In planning an essay on a COPD Case Study it is likely that you will need to consider Consent and ethical matters. For example the Community Respiratory Specialist Nurse (CRSN) should first obtain consent from Mr XYZ, to ensure that the patient is in agreement to be assessed. Nurses are accountable for their actions according to NMC guidelines. Nurses should therefore make sure that the patient understand the assessment procedure and that the patient agree to be assessed. In observing the specialist nurse, you (student) should note if knowledge about the procedures, purpose, risks and benefits were discussed with the patient before consent is given. You should also consider if the patient does in fact have the capacity to consent. Nurses must get consent and document the consent before taking action. It is important to remember that patients can refuse to consent and should a nurse act without consent the patient is at liberty to take a civil case in law against the nurse, for treatment received without consent. Remember, that all evidence relied upon must be appropriately referenced.



When planning the essay be mindful to always focus on the assessment criteria, if you are required to discuss ethics in details then do so. You could develop ethical arguments linking to consent, and distinguishing consent from informed consent. Nurses need to ensure that when patients give consent it is based on first providing patients with the required information pertaining to the assessment or care procedures. 


COPD can impact greatly on a person’s life and with the added Corona virus Mr XYZ’z life might be seriously threatened. When writing any assignment on COPD remember to focus on the essay brief and see if it requires you to discuss the patient’s Bio-Psychological needs. It is usually crucial for student nurses to demonstrate that they understand the impact COPD can have on patients lives, since it is the nurses’ role to help manage the patient’s COPD. In our case of Mr XYZ you should therefore consider the patient’s physical and psychological needs. Study Coach would expect that your University brief will instruct you to show that the patient should be at the centre of the care being delivered and this include giving consideration to how the patient’s family will cope with caring for Mr XYZ, whilst also coming to terms with self-isolation. 


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