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Education can be delivered in different ways including via Word Search Workbooks, after all learning should be fun, learning should be entertaining. 

Study Coach Word Search

Study Coach Word Search books are a great way to educate and entertain both adults and kids. College and University students can select Word Search books specific to their academic course of studies. For example, if studying Sociology, with focus on issues pertaining to Deviance, then you should find the ‘Sociology of Deviance’  Word Search Workbook to be useful. 


If you are an adult with responsibility for Homeschooling, then do include Study Coach books when planning lessons and creating a curriculum. Young learners can extend their vocabulary by identifying words about Nouns and answering Questions about nouns, or they could choose the ‘Learn Human Biology’ book. There are many themes to choose from. When schoolwork is done, you and your young learners can relax and complete a new workbook and share your learning. You will find the Study Coach Word Search Workbooks at Amazon, here is an Amazon link to the author’s page.  

Author: Morel Benard


Word Search Book Themes

Books are created with themes in mind, you will find a range of themes presently available and many more will be added in due course. The books should also help to evoke thoughts and to stimulate ideas, when planning a trip. The Study Coach book about Australia, France and other countries could help you with your travel plans. The books are designed to be a great travel companion.


Teaching skills are employed in creating the books; the author Morel Benard is an Educator and leader at Study Coach. The use of ‘fill in the blanks’ questions, aims to help learners with spelling, thinking skills, and facilitates interaction. There is no need to feel stressed if unable to identify the correct answer to questions (answers are provided at the end of the book). 

Multiple Choice Assessment Questions

The use of multiple choice questions along with identifying the chosen words should give readers value, and furthermore should help to cater to different levels of learning. Learners can complete Study Coach books at their own pace and when convenient for the learner. Answers to the Multiple Choice Questions, and Fill in the Blanks Questions can be found at the end of the book. 

Here is a direct Amazon link to the Study Coach book on ‘Business Trip’


See the Amazon author’s page for a list of Study Coach’s books and samples of the books:


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