WorkBook: Learn How to Improve Communication Skills with Study Coach

Learning should be fun and so Study Coach books are crafted to provide both education and entertainment. The latest Study Coach Workbook is ‘Learn How to Improve Communication Skills’. Soft skills are important for social interaction and for work/business communication. The voice plays a central role in communication, and with an increase in doing business online and networking in chatrooms via social media, we all need to raise awareness about our language skills. 

Verbal communication is an interactive process requiring two basic skills

  1. transmitting information
  2. obtaining feedback 

The Study Coach Workbook on communication highlights the importance of acquiring good listening skills, so that feedback can be given to aid communication. Feedback from the listener will ensure that the information has been received accurately and understood correctly. 

Study Coach WorkBooks

Study Coach WorkBooks are a great way to educate and entertain young people attending school, college or homeschooling. The books are designed for adults too, for personal development and general lifelong learning. Adult learners will be able to implement the learning during their work or when doing business, and interacting socially.

Social Interaction

It is said that we converse our way through life starting at a baby stage and graduating our language skills as we mature. We talk to share attitudes, we express our personalities through talk, we declare love through talk, we talk about business goals, life goals and much more. 

Activity WorkBooks by Study Coach

Readers will find useful communication knowledge in the book, and the following activity tasks to complete in order to aid learning:

  • Information (concepts)
  • Word Searches
  • Fill in the Blanks questions (answers supplied at the end of the book)
  • Multiple Choice questions (answers supplies at the end of the book)

WorkBooks for Learning

Study Coach WorkBooks are designed under themes. Communication is the first theme, followed by Contract Law and WorkBooks on Study Skills are in the making. In due time there will be a catalogue of books for readers to choose from. The books provides knowledge, should help to evoke thoughts, stimulate ideas, and entertain readers. 

Word Search Books

If you love to do word searches, then do take a look at our word search books, they are designed to be educational. You will find a range of titles, for example: Holiday Australia, Holiday France,  Earthquakes, USA Government, Learn Human Biology, and other titles are available. If planning a trip to France, Kenya, Italy, Australia, London, you should find the travel books to be a great travel companion.


If you are an adult with responsibility for Homeschooling, then do include Study Coach books when planning lessons and creating a curriculum. The word search book on ‘Nouns’ the travel books, Learn Human Biology, Learn about Deviance, should prove valuable if you are Homeschooling. Young learners can extend their vocabulary by identifying words and learning about new concepts. You will find the Study Coach Workbooks  and Word Search books at Amazon, here is an Amazon link to the author’s page.  

Author: Morel Benard

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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