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I recently published the book ‘How to Stop a Workplace Bully’ because I believe that in the private and public sector many people are experiencing and suffering from bullying, but they are too fearful to speak out. In the school system children are bullied, resulting in some parents deciding to opt for home schooling. Here at Study Coach UK we are concern with both education and entertainment. We support students with academic assignments; support businesses with staff training and we write on social issues. We write true to life stories in order to educate and entertain. Bullying can cause major emotional distress, the voices of those being bullied need to be heard. 

Bullying in both private and public sector is shameful and it is particularly worrying to know that in some public sector workplaces regulated by policies and law that bullying is rife. When I wrote the book and self-published on Amazon and Kindle, I never considered that shortly after publication there would be an allegation of bullying at the heart of central government. I’m referring to the allegations made by Sir Philip Rutnam as reported by ITV News BBC News and in other media. The allegations are that the Home Secretary, Priti Patel is a known perpetrator of bullying in the workplace. This news is certainly shocking and is currently being investigated in order to substantiate or dismiss the allegations.

Given the allegations that staff working at the heart of government are being bullied it clearly shows that the book ‘How to Stop a Workplace Bully’ is a story that is true to life. Our victim Yasmin, has much in common with Sir Philip Rutnam, though in the real world the long standing civil servant has had the courage to speak out and to take a stand. 

Psychology of Workplace Bullying


“ It’s been going on awhile people are afraid to speak out, particular supporting staff. They have all said that Victor and his line managers are bullying them. I told them that we should all stand together and take the matter to Human Resources, but they are too scared to do so …… they say that nothing will get done. They are afraid to raise a complaint, they are screaming inside ….” 

“A member of staff said that the bullying is ongoing, way over 5 months, each week she is subjected to two or more bullying incidents primarily from Lucinda. She says that Lucinda will order her to do work without giving her the client’s brief, line managers will continuously misinform her and then shout at her, ridicule her for getting things wrong”

From the statement issued by Sir Philip Rutnam, bullying behaviours such as shouting and belittling people, making unreasonable demands do mirror the experience that our character Yasmin had to endure. Yasmin’s story has a happy ending, we wish the same for all victims of bullying. 

In order to keep earning the Dollar or Pound we might choose to deny the existence of bullying in the workplace. We might believe that each man/woman should fend for self and as a result we distance ourselves from our colleague (the victim of bullying). For some staff it might become a moral dilemma of whether to keep silent or become a whistleblower.


There are many different type of bullying behaviours: 

Being shouted screamed at 

Given impossible deadlines

Sexual demands

Invasion of personal Space

Finger pointing

Being threatened

The workplace shouldn’t become a breeding ground for emotional abuse,  co-workers witnessing bullying incidents should reflect on whether taking a bystander effect is the best policy. Leaders should stop hiding behind defence mechanisms, meaning failing or refusing to acknowledge the reality of bullying. It will be disappointing to learn that bullying is taking place within your own organisation, leaders should however thoroughly investigate allegations and not be too hasty to conclude that all accusations are nothing but lies.

Morel Benard

(How to Stop a Workplace Bully – See: Amazon and Kindle)

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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