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The study of poetry is part of the GCSE national curriculum and it allows students to tap into their creativity. Poetry is defined as a type of literature conveying thought, a poem can tell a story in a concentrated way, using lyrical arrangement of words. A poem is a form of expression, it is art, start writing and watch the words dance across the page. 


Rhythm is certainly a term that is associated with poetry, it is said that poetry is based on the interplay of words and rhythm and that poetry often employs rhyme and a set of rules governing the arrangement of syllables in each line. Poets will string words together to form sounds, evoke feelings to convey their messages. 

Morel Benard

My name is Morel Benard and I have conferred on myself the status of ‘Poet’. I have no formal qualification in writing poetry, I don’t have a degree in English Literature. I did take a short writing course with Oxford University (sounds very grand) but to date I have yet to formally study poetry. Do I need to formally study poetry? I’m sure that some readers will tell me that there are great benefits to be derived from taking a poetry course, and I can appreciate the argument, but I’m going to give the idea a pass. I’m qualified in a number of academic subjects, but I’m not going to add BA in Poetry to the list. 

Morel Benard Poet 

I write because I feel that I have a duty to write, it is my purpose. I have a lot to say and I’m usually directed by an inner rhythmic force, maybe it is my soul speaking. Writing is  enjoyable, and sometimes it is hard work (I need to turn the hard work into smart work). I write to present my truth and realise that others may object to my views and that is cool. I’m on a journey and you are welcome to come along, I could do with a number one fan. 

Google my Business – Morel Benard

I wear a number of hats and one is as an educator, you will therefore find me on Google my Business (GMB) trying to guide students with academic requirements and raising essay grades. The name of the service is Study Coach www.studycoachuk.com 

You will also find samples of poetic thoughts on GMB http://morel-benard.business.site/

UK Poet 

I’m based in England, UK,  the land of the bard Shakespeare. I find it interesting that there is so much mystery surrounding the identity of Shakespeare. 

Women Empowerment

On this first part of my journey, my focus is Women Empowerment (it is my niche). Over the years I have written quite a number of short verses and some longer poems on the topic of womanhood, girls, Moms doing business, women and entrepreneurship, passive/assertive women and so on, therefore the decision to create a portfolio of poems on women comes quite naturally to me. I have nothing against men and hope to also create some poems for men, at some other point in time. Oh, by the way – I’m aiming to publish the first poetry book on Women Empowerment in 2022. I will also record an Audio version.  

Women in Business


It’s not a matter about Them

The men and Us

Those who come from Mars

Women from Venus

Fact is the playing field 

Was never designed the same      

So little women like me 

Need to learn to be brave

Need to push away fears 

And face the storm  

To be a business woman 

To embrace a new norm

(Morel Benard)

Poetry Community 

Students studying GCSE Literature and Poetry Anthology, will no doubt need to  become familiar with the names of famous poets. Edgar Allan Poe, William Wordsworth, William Shakespeare and Maya Angelou amongst many others are famous poets. Shakespeare’s use of language is old and can be difficult to understand but I’m still a fan; Maya Angelou’s writings (stories and poems) are truly inspiring. There are many communities engaging with poetry and this is good, poetry is far from dead. Social media is certainly helping to promote poetry communities and poetry lovers. Though poetry is classified as literature a novel and a poem is very different in kind. It is not always wise to compare the two, its best we accept that though the classification is the same, there are great differences between forms of literature. 

Haiku Poetry

Creative thinking is good for the mind and is helpful in other areas of academic work. I don’t have a label for my style of writing, however I usually write with rhythm and with rhyme, I guess that’s my style. If you are interested in styles of writing, you could look at haiku. 

A haiku is a very short poem, I believe that the origins is Japanese. A Haiku has three short lines that do not rhyme and is arranged in the following way: the first line has 5 syllables, middle line 7 syllables and to complete the Haiku the third line has 5 syllables. 

Example of a Haiku

1) Tulips are blooming

2) Sun is out and shining bright

3) Green grass is growing 


My poems are sometimes designed to tell a story, for example, highlighting differences in class and wealth, social stratification.  

Social Capital

Social capital is the name of the game 

Players are chosen from an early age

It’s all within families and they keep it tight

Right school, right friendships, made for life

If your an outsider, you must learn to climb

But money is no guarantee you’ll get inside                     

Money is a different game, it’ll buy you things

It’ll buy the children a latin education and skills                                                   

But don’t be surprised when the school gates close

And they try to aim for their corporate life goals 

With low social capital they’ll be kept firmly outside                      

But tell Johnny and Sally not to cry, there’s more to life

(Morel Benard)   


The poem might assist students with their understanding of social capital, particularly if they are new to the subject and need to include some aspect of the concept into their research project or dissertation. The concept of social capital comes from Bourdieu’s work. If readers are unfamiliar with the concept then they might not fully understand the poem, if this is the case, the hope is that the poem will at least get readers to become curious and research the meaning of social capital according to Bourdieu.  

Poetry Lovers

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Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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